Raise a glass to local

Alberta Liquor Stores Association

Project: Engagement Campaign

Accolades: Ember Award for Design / ACE Award - Poster Out of Home Series / ACE Award - Social Media Advertising Series / ACE Award - Advertising Campaign / IABC Award of Merit


Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis tasked the Alberta Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) with spearheading a campaign to promote and sell more products made by Alberta beer and liquor producers. With this mandate, ALSA approached FKA for inspiration.

Some beer and liquor consumers are like loyal sports fans—they stick with their favourites. Others are like explorers and like to venture out in search of new and exciting flavors. Regardless of preferred tastes or brand affinities, many consumers would make a purchase based purely on the principle of supporting local. They just don’t have an easy and clear way of identifying producers by region.

The Just Add Alberta campaign showcased Alberta’s breweries, meaderies, distilleries and wineries to Alberta consumers. A range of digital, social media and out-of-home tactics worked in tandem with a province-wide activation tour featuring a campaign-branded Airstream that traveled to popular summer events across the province. The campaign highlighted the incredible products available to Albertans made by Albertans.

Orders from liquor stores for Alberta-made products increased from 9% of totals before the campaign to 12% at the end of the campaign, exceeding our target by 50%. Between all online tactics, 4,733,558 impressions were generated — exceeding our target by more than 100% — and we introduced ALSA to a range of new stakeholders by reaching 616,061 unique users on social media through geo-targeted tactics.

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