Take care to give care

Continuing Care Safety Association

Project: Communications Strategy


Professionals in the continuing care sector—those who support and provide personalized care for people with longer-term needs—are still reeling from safety and mental health issues brought on by the pandemic. The Continuing Care Safety Association (CCSA) supports these professionals and leaders in Alberta and knows it can help more of its members.

Members of CCSA put an enormous amount of effort and resources towards workplace health and safety for their staff and residents. CCSA provides support in this area and helps shoulder the load and elevate the overall standards for safety across the industry. But, through an engagement with one-on-one interviews, members told us that—while they know about CCSA—they don’t necessarily know what they do. For CCSA, awareness wasn’t the hurdle. They needed to focus on building familiarity, highlighting the value CCSA can provide to members.

Before the engagement process, we undertook a communications audit to get a better understanding of CCSA’s strengths and areas for growth in their communications. With everything we took from the audit and engagement processes, we developed a firm positioning statement, value propositions, and audience key messages to define exactly what CCSA does, who are their key audience segments, and what value they can offer to each segment. Positioning CCSA as a trusted leader and partner in Alberta’s continuing care sector was paramount in this work and would need to shine through in their messaging. 

This work was complemented by a new design concept and website copy. From there, we developed a comprehensive content and channel strategy for CCSA so they can tap into their new messaging to connect with members through a combination of owned and paid media tactics.

"Working with the FKA team to develop our Communication Strategy was easy, the team was knowledgeable and worked hard to understand our operating environment. The final product exceeded expectations, came in on time and on budget. I look forward to working with the FKA team in the future."

— Dana Loeppky, Executive Director, CCSA

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