Connecting cause with colour

CASA Mental Health

Project: Visual Identity & Website


CASA Mental Health had a new name but needed a new visual identity and website that would signal their vision for safe, culturally-sensitive, and trauma-informed mental health programming for children and their families. And it needed to be built on the core principle of empathy. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to connect with CASA Mental Health. Some might be reaching out for help, others might be offering to help through a contribution. In any case, the specific need and experience within a website will be quite different. For those needing help, they need to be able to find it easily with no doubts that they’re in the right place, and they need to feel comfortable and heard taking the next step for help.  

We developed a visual identity that reflects CASA’s community-centred, collaborative and inclusive values, embodied through a new logo radiant colours and a positive shape, as well as and a resource-focused website designed to lift some of the weight that hangs on a family’s or caregiver’s shoulders. 

With two key audiences, we developed a distinctive colour palette of softened primary colours based on colour psychology and our findings from an empathy mapping process — calming and soothing blue and green for families, and more action oriented red and orange for donors and supporters. We used colour blocking on the website to help each audience easily navigate through the website based on their needs.

“FKA has been an excellent partner as CASA embarked on a new visual identity and website. We felt every team member got to know our organization, audiences and needs. They offered high-level strategic advice on how to reach those audiences in the best way possible, in addition to their high-quality technical work. FKA also responded effectively to our feedback and produced a visual identity that truly embodies who we are and what we represent to the community.”

— Darby Semeniuk, Director, Communications and Philanthropy

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